Boca Raton living at its best.

Welcome to a place where you’ll be free to embrace each new day. It’s a place where you’ll flourish, with an unparalleled collection of services and amenities, beautiful surroundings and more ways to shine. At Sunscape™, the Salus™ by Solvere commitment to your total well-being means you can trust us to keep a close, compassionate eye on your overall health and wellness — giving you the confidence to keep living your most meaningful life.

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Assisted Living

At Sunscape, every team member has the same goal — to help you live a life where every side of you shines. While receiving customized support, you’ll enjoy an abundance of programs, events and meaningful ways to connect with both your friends and Sunscape’s team members.

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Valeo™ Memory Care

Our Valeo memory care neighborhood is customized for each resident to engage every aspect of their well-being. We immerse ourselves in each resident’s past to gain a complete picture so we can offer the best support.

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Valeo™ Signature Programs

Valeo’s holistic signature memory care programs are built on a personalized approach that honors each resident’s legacy and lifestyle. Our daily programs support overall comfort, create opportunities for engagement and bring more moments of joy into each day.

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Wellness Philosophy

Sunscape supports holistic wellness, empowering and inspiring you to live a life where every side of you shines. At the Sunscape Boca Raton senior living community, you’ll flourish in an uplifting, engaging environment that is focused on your physical, social, intellectual and spiritual well-being.

Senior Retirement Community FAQs

What Is a Retirement Community?

A retirement community is an age-specific residential campus where older adults have on-site access to key amenities, while also enjoying the independence of their own apartments. Often, these communities empower retirees by offering the safety, convenience, and comfort of having everything available at their doorstep.

Retirement communities like Sunscape™ Boca Raton provide opportunities for individuals to reimagine their later years as a time to cherish their hobbies and connect with new friends. Many offer services like meals, housekeeping, and even healthcare to free up residents’ time and allow them to engage with a robust social calendar and pursue their favorite activities.

Why Join a Retirement Community?

Too many older adults spend their later years feeling lonely and worried about their future. A retirement community can alleviate some of these fears and help refocus every individual’s goals for retirement, including:

  • Simplify your lifestyle: Retirement communities often take care of meals, housekeeping, and home maintenance. Leave chores behind, and start enjoying what every day brings.
  • Pursue healthy senior living: Well-being is the emphasis for retirement communities like ours. Stay active at the fitness center, savor nutritious meals, and more.
  • Get lifelong learning: Spend time doing what you love. Try a new activity, pursue a favorite hobby, and get new experiences every day of the week.
  • Engage with a social community: Get to know your neighbors through a full social calendar, and interact with friendly staff.
  • Have access to care options: If you need care, many retirement communities will offer on-site options so you don’t have to go far.
  • Feel safe: With security monitoring and other features, you can feel secure as you age.
  • Take control with one monthly fee: Empower your budget through one monthly fee, instead of endless bills. Everything you need with just one payment a month.

What’s Life Like at a Retirement Community in Boca Raton?

At our retirement community in Boca Raton, you can find new ways to shine. Boca Raton is a charming seaside resort where you can enjoy golf courses, oceanfront parks, sculpture gardens, and exquisite seafood cuisine. You don’t have to venture far for an exciting day, either. There’s always something happening at our retirement community. Here you can nurture your hobbies, pursue your wellness goals, enjoy the company of your neighbors, or get new experiences at our dining rooms and sunny terraces. With a simplified lifestyle, you can spend your days as your heart desires.

When’s the Right Time to Join a Retirement Community?

Senior living communities are great for individuals at any point in retirement. You can especially benefit from joining a retirement community if you’re feeling lonely on your own and would like to connect with others. At a retirement community, you’ll have a built-in community of neighbors and opportunities to stay socially active. In addition, a retirement community can simplify your lifestyle. If you’re struggling with doing laundry or shopping for groceries, you can shed these responsibilities at a retirement community. Instead, spend your free time pursuing hobbies and new friendships, and truly make the most of retirement.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in a Retirement Community?

The cost of retirement communities in Boca Raton varies according to the apartment size you choose, as well as the suite of amenities available at your community. At Sunscape™ Boca Raton, we offer spacious apartments, upscale amenities, and specialized wellness options like none other. For this reason, our all-inclusive pricing starts at $4,695/month and includes state-of-the-art services you won’t find elsewhere.

Is a Retirement Community the Same as a Nursing Home?

No, a retirement community is a very different care option from a nursing home. Generally, retirement communities cater to individual retirement goals by offering convenient services and deluxe amenities that let you design your days under your own terms. Some healthcare options – such as assisted living or memory care – may be available at a retirement community as well, so you can live as independently as possible.

In contrast, a nursing home is a place for individuals who require round-the-clock, specialized medical care. Most nursing home residents are unable to independently plan or enjoy their days, as they’re recovering from a serious illness or injury. Nursing homes may offer some recreational and social activities to boost morale, but are mostly focused on providing the best possible medical care.